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Patong Beach is a very popular tourist destination in southern Thailand and is Phuket's biggest tourist attraction by far. Every single day, loads of tourists turn up at Patong for a great holiday and to enjoy the fantastic tropical weather on offer. There are many resorts, hotels and guest houses in Patong and it doesn't matter in you are rich or poor, there is something here for all.

The beach at Patong is always very busy, all year round there are many beach activities and things to do, or if you don't feel like doing anything, you can always lay back on a deck chair.

There is also a very large nightlife scene here and it all happens on or near the Bangla Road area. If you are a single male, then Bangla Road is perfect for you, as it is a red light district with thousands of sexy Thai women who are willing to go with just about any man.

There are many other places to see and if you are looking for any Phuket hotels, then there are many of these all around the island too.